At Bluewater, we make a point to set aside time for everyone to learn about the Holy Spirit through scriptural teachings and to get empowered by God's supernatural presence. We do this through Holy Spirit Retreats. The purpose of the Holy Spirit Retreat is to be baptized, refreshed and filled by the Holy Spirit a time to experience a first-hand encounter with God.

For our upcoming October retreat, you’re invited to come and receive, to seek Him for increased intimacy and new gifts.  In previous retreats many have encountered the baptism of the Holy Spirit in the pattern of “the day of Pentecost” in Acts 2, where He poured out in power. Others have received new spiritual gifts and still others have simply discovered a deeper experience of His love. Whatever you need in this season, God will be given space to speak, move, activate and share His heart. There will be worship, celebration, prayer ministry, biblical teaching and, most importantly, the presence of God. Plan to join us for this in-person event by completing the registration form below.


$40 per adult (12 and over), $20 per child (ages 0-11)

Registration closes on October 18, 2023.


Friday, October 20, 2023

6p - 6:30p Check in and Welcome
6:30p - 9p Evening Session

We will not be serving dinner for the Friday session

Saturday, October 21, 2023

9a - 9p - Sessions

Lunch and Dinner Included.  Vegetarian options will be available.

Note: The Holy Spirit Retreat is intended for Bluewater church members.

Registration Information

If you need childcare, please enter the full name, age, and grade in school for any children below. For example:

Matt Johnson, age 7, grade 2 
Ruth Johnson, age 6, grade 1

If you are registering multiple people with different food preferences, please note each person's preferences in the box below.

Please list any health concerns that require ongoing medical treatment and whom it is for. (Information kept confidential)

Please calculate the total amount due and enter it below in the Total Due field. The cost per person is shown at the top of this form. Once you have entered an amount, you will be able to enter payment information and pay online.

If you wish to pay by check, leave the Total Due field blank and pay when you arrive at the retreat. Please make your check payable to Bluewater Mission and write "Holy Spirit Retreat" on the memo line.

Limited scholarships are available. If you wish to request one, enter the amount requested in the Scholarship Request field. Leave the Total Due field blank and we will follow up with you. 


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